The Zuckerman Kuhlman personality questionnaire is used to gauge a huge array of varied personality traits related to risk taking. Due to the applicability of this questionnaire, it is mostly used in assessment of risk preferences. Many organizations follow this tool to gauge the mental makeup of their personnel.

Sample Zuckerman Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Occupation: ________________________________________________________________

Gender: male / female                         Date of Birth: ___________________________

Marital status: married / unmarried / divorced

Please answer the following questions.

  1. When was the last time you went to a party with friends?
  2. Do you tend to start conversations in the party?
  3. What do you do if you like a member of the opposite gender in the party?
  4. Do you drink alcoholic drinks?
  5. If you cannot find your handkerchief would you be upset?
  6. Do you tend to begin a job even though you are unaware of how to complete it?
  7. Are you interested in adventure sports?
  8. What alternate profession do you want to take up?
  9. Does the sight of blood disturb you very much?
  10. Do you often argue or quarrel with others?
  11. If things do not turn out to be the way you want it, do you tend to turn violently hostile?
  12. Do you utilize all your time and resources when you take up a new project?
  13. Which time of the day do you like the most?
  14. Are you very particular about what you are going to have for your meals?
  15. How do you like to spend your holiday?