Yoga Marketing Research Questionnaire is a well drafted document which is drafted to assess the importance and need of yoga in life of an individual. This research is conducted to find out why does people choose yoga above other form of exercises and other feedbacks related to the practice of Yoga.

Sample Yoga Marketing Research Questionnaire

Please answer the following yoga marketing research questions:

  1. First name _____________  middle name  ________________ last name ________________
  2. Age __________________
  3. Sex ____________
  4. Address ______________________
  5. Contact number ________________________
  6. Email I.D. ______________
  7. Have you practiced yoga before
    1. Yes                            b.  No
    2. If yes then for how many years ________________
    3. Why do you want to join yoga classes
      1. Fitness                               c) lose weight
      2. Cure disease                       d) other
      3. Are you suffering from any blood pressure problem  ____________________________
  1. Are you suffering from the problem of back ache  ______________________
  1. Do you think your body is fit enough to practice yoga ____________________
  1. Are you pregnant _____________
  1. Do you suffer from Asthma  __________________
  1. Do you have any problem in performing a particular asana________________
  1. Do you suffer from any sleep disorder ___________________
  1. Do you suffer from diabetes ____________________
  1. Any family history of any of the above mentioned diseases _________________
  1. Are you following a nutritious diet ____________________
  1. What do you want to gain from yoga classes ( please tick)
    1. Better vitality                  e.      improved concentration
    2. Strength                        f.      removing stress
    3. Flexibility                                g.     meditation
    4. Relaxation                              h.     others ( mention)