Questionnaire for teachers are those kinds of questionnaires which are written so that a teacher can answer it and give his/her feedback or response on a particular subject or topic. These questionnaires are often framed by educational institute authorities so as to get feedback of different teachers for the evaluation of a certain subject. Based on the responses of teachers, the institute authorities can make amends or changes in their working pattern to ensure the satisfaction of the teachers. You can refer to the following given suggestions so as to write a good questionnaire for teachers:

  • A questionnaire for teachers must be written in such a way that the teachers find interesting to answer. For this purpose, any such questionnaire must have a name and a certain fixed subject or topic.
  • The purpose of writing the questionnaire must be clear in the mind of the person who is framing it. This is because of the fact that without knowing the purpose, framing questions can get very difficult.
  • A questionnaire for teachers must be technically correct and all the questions should be written after a well conducted research on the topic. In the case of objective type questions, the options or choices must also be appropriate and well checked.
  • Any questionnaire which is framed for teachers must not have any kind of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. Therefore after the completion of writing the questionnaire, it must be thoroughly checked.
  • A questionnaire for teachers must not have any irrelevant questions and should also be concise in nature.
  • The length of the questions too must not be very long or dragged beyond a certain limit because long questions tend to get boring for the respondents.
  • A questionnaire written for teachers must also ask for the details of the teacher such as the name, contact information etc.