The questionnaires which are written for students are the kind of questionnaires which are used to take feedback from students about certain issues or topics such as satisfaction from school, teaching methods and school authorities etc. These questionnaires are often framed by the school administration and are useful because by knowing the mindset of students, they can make necessary changes to ensure satisfaction of all.

Questionnaire for students must be framed carefully by laying stress on each question so that maximum response can be guaranteed. If you wish to write a questionnaire for students, then you can refer to the following given points and suggestions.

  • Before writing a questionnaire for students, one must be aware of the exact purpose of the questionnaire and also the subject of the questionnaire. Without having this information, it is difficult to frame appropriate questions.
  • A questionnaire written for students must also be to the point and should not have those questions which are relevant to the topic or subject of the questionnaire. Irrelevant or meaningless questions can make the questionnaire weak.
  • The length of the questions in the questionnaire must not be very long and each question should be as concise as possible.
  • Questionnaires for students must have majority of objective type questions because subjective questions might take away the interest of the students from the questionnaire and make it boring and time consuming to answer.
  • Any questionnaire that is written for students must have well research information and should be technically sound.
  • Grammatical errors or mistakes must be avoided and one must check the questionnaire for spelling errors at the end or completion of the frame work.
  • A questionnaire for students must be easy to understand because some students might not be able to understand difficult words or sentences.