A work satisfaction questionnaire is the best possible way of finding out a person’s satisfaction in any job he or she is performing. Such questions do help people to realize their metal satisfaction in the work place.

Sample Work Satisfaction Questionnaire

Name of the employee: _________________________

Designation: _________________

Age: ______________________

Contact Number: ______________________

Mail I.D.:________________________

Please mark the options carefully:

Q1. Are you happy with your pay at the end of the month?

  1. I get what I deserve, so I am satisfied
  2. I deserve much more pay I guess
  3. No its miserable

Q2. Are you relaxed in the ambience provided at office?

  1. the ambience at office is absolutely favourable for work
  2. the ambience at office is not at all favourable for work
  3. The ambience needs improvement

Q3. How is the behaviour of your colleagues, sub-ordinates and your superior authority towards you?

  1. We work as a team and share a very good rapport
  2. They are very unpredictable , I do not know what is coming next
  3. Their attitude is always negative which demoralises me

Q4. Do you think your resources are being used to the fullest?

  1. I am happy as my knowledge is being implemented positively
  2. My knowledge and experience is absolutely of no use here
  3. Sometimes I am being appreciated and sometimes treated in a demeaning way

Q5. Do you want to continue your job here?

  1. Yes, I have no plans to change now
  2. I desperately want to change this job
  3. I will never change it