A work personality questionnaire is an effective method of assessing the personality of an individual for a particular job. This questionnaire is used by the organization in which the individual has applied for the job and benefits the particular department in which the individual will be reported. It helps the organization to take a decision in the selection process of the individual.

 Sample Work Personality Questionnaire

Is your personality different in office compared to when you are at home?

a)      Yes, it is different

b)      No, it is same

If the answer to the above question is yes, how different is your personality in office compared to when you are at home?


Among the following traits which trait describes your personality most closely?

a)      Tolerant

b)      Introvert

c)      Extrovert

d)     Impulsive

e)      Anxiety

f)       Empathy

What kind of employee do you consider yourself to be?

a)      Very hard working

b)      Understanding

c)      Coordinating

d)     Average employee

e)      Lazy employee

According to you which aspect of your personality is of interest for this particular job?

a)      Leadership quality

b)      Ability to handle customers and clients

c)      Defining and implementing policies and procedures

d)     Applying innovative work process

What according to you are the advantages of being a workaholic?


Do you consider yourself as a workaholic?

a)      Yes

b)      Somewhat

c)      No

Do you agree that you have patience to do this work?

a)      Strongly agree

b)      Agree

c)      Somewhat agree

d)     Disagree

Is there anything else that you would like to mention about your personality?