Will questionnaire is a questionnaire that needs to be filled by a person who wants to avail the services of a lawyer for getting his will written. It can be an online or paper questionnaire. The lawyer will understand the client’s requirement before giving him an appointment by going through the filled in questionnaire. It saves the time of the lawyer and the client and addresses any issues with writing the will.

Will Questionnaire Sample

Name:                                       Age:

Contact No.:

  1. How are you concerned with the property/articles about which you plan to write a will?

a) I am its owner

b) I have inherited it from my parent/parents or grandparents

c) I have received it in the form of a gift

d) I have acquired it under a will in my name

e) None of the above; I am in-charge of things here and am I going to write a will

  1. Have you written a will anytime previously, or have you ever been named executor of anybody else’s will?

a) Yes, I have written a will before

b) No I have never written a will

c) Yes, I was appointed as an       executor in another will

d) No I have never been appointed as such

  1. Have you entered into an agreement with anyone over the property/articles?

a)    No, there is no such agreement

b)    Yes I have entered into an agreement of sale/lease/mortgage

c)     I am not sure. I think I might have signed something somewhere

d)    No, but the government/other person has sent me a notice

  1. Have you informed all your dependents, if any, of your decision to write this will?

a)    Yes and they are happy about it

b)    No, only my spouse knows

c)     No, I wish to keep it secret

d)    Yes, but they have objected to my ideas

e)    I have no dependents

5.     Whom do you plan to appoint as the executor (person entrusted with enforcement) of your will?

a)    My son/ My daughter

b)    My spouse or other relative

c)     My friend

d)    My lawyer

6.     Are you aware of the financial value of the property/articles going into the will?

a)    Yes

b)    No

c)     I have an idea of what it is worth, I am not sure of the exact figure, though

  1. Would you be interested in getting tax-savings for the beneficiaries under your will?

a) Yes (Recommended)

b) No, thank you (Your bequest is likely to be taxed when your will takes effect)

8.     How soon would you want the will to be ready?

a) As soon as possible

b) I can wait for a week or two

c) I am in no hurry

9.     Do you have all the important papers in original, including those of taxes, loans,         mortgage etc. required for this will?

a)    Yes

b)    No