Questionnaires are one of the most effective methods used for evaluation or test purposes. Such documents consist of multiple questions which are in some way or the other linked to the topic and helps people to test, evaluated, detect or get a feedback from a number of different individuals. While framing a questionnaire, one must be completely aware of the target audience that will be interested in using the questionnaires. By knowing the type of respondents, questions can be framed easily and also the expected type of answers can be known in advance.

  • The target audience of one questionnaire may differ from that of another depending upon the nature and topic of the questionnaire. This means that in order to get maximum feedback and response, the questions used in a questionnaire must be drafted in such a way that makes it interesting and useful. The target audience is one which is expected to give maximum response to the questionnaire.
  • The target audience should be one who would be directly related with the topic of the questionnaire. Like in the case for software related questionnaire, software experts or graduates must be the targeted group of people and the questionnaire must be distributed in software companies and institutes. A pregnancy detection questionnaire must be spread across hospitals or beauty parlours, where most likely females are expected.
  • A questionnaire which is related to old age related diseases is most likely to get response from an old age home or a park where old people are mostly expected to make an appearance. Similarly, the target audience is always directly related to the topic of the questionnaire. Infact having a questionnaire being distributed among an inappropriate group of people means wastage of the number of printed copies of the questionnaire and also wastage of time as well as resources.