A feedback questionnaire is a kind of a questionnaire which is used to evoke a feedback from the respondents or a sample group of people on which a kind of a survey or analysis is conducted through the questionnaire. This kind of a questionnaire has a series of questions, all related to a particular topic and the respondents are required to answer all the questions either by ticking the correct choice (in case of objective questions) or by giving an answer in the space provided (in case of subjective questions).

Any feedback questionnaire is a medium through which different feedbacks can be collected to pass a result. To make a good feedback questionnaire, one must keep in mind certain important points. Please refer to the following points which will help you for reference purpose.

  • The first step towards forming a good feedback questionnaire is to be clear about its aim or objective. The questions asked must be in sync with the topic and must not divert away.
  • Any feedback questionnaire must be framed in such a way that respondents do not get bored with questions. For this purpose, maximum number of objective type questions should be included and subjective questions should be restricted.
  • The questions asked in a feedback questionnaire must not be very lengthy as respondents tend to lose interest in it due to this reason.
  • A good feedback questionnaire is one which has questions to which the respondents can relate to. Any question which sounds unfamiliar or irrelevant can make a good survey take a downward turn.
  • Since feedback questionnaires are framed to take the feedback of the respondents, hence they must be framed in such a way that respondents can give in their honest views opinions or answers on the asked topics