Questionnaires are documents which consist of a set of questions which are asked from respondents in order to observe a trend or evaluate a service or product. There are many different types of questionnaires and thus depending on the types, the questions are framed in many different ways for different topics. Infact the kind of questions vary too from one questionnaire to another.

  • In the questionnaires where customer feedback is the main aim, questions related to the quality of the product or service must be asked. Such questions are always better if they are accompanied by a number of choices. These types of questions are called objective type questions. But in the case where a person is being evaluated or an opinion is being taken, subjective type questions must be asked so as to give the respondent a chance to express his/her opinion on the asked question.
  • Whatever may be the type of questionnaire, the main thing is that the questions must be within a certain limit or boundary. This means that there is a certain moral code or decency level which should always be maintained even in the questionnaires where personal and private information is required. The one drafting a questionnaire must keep the sentiments of the respondents in mind and hence he must try to avoid any topic which is controversial or risky to ask.
  • The person framing a questionnaire must put in questions which are somewhere or the other linked with the topic. Any question which is not related with the topic can spoil a good questionnaire and would take interest level of respondents away. One must also take care of adding both subjective and objective questions to build a flow of questions because too many objective questions can become boring to answer. By keeping these points in mind, a person can get a perfect questionnaire.