A survey questionnaire is a kind of a medium through which a survey conducting organization gathers views and opinions of a targeted group of people and based on the responses of the respondents, the organization evaluates certain results and comes to some conclusions. A survey questionnaire basically consists of multiple questions each of which has to be answered by the respondent. In any such questionnaire, questions can be objective or closed ended or subjective or open ended.

Any survey is conducted with an aim or purpose. If you wish to know the purpose of a survey questionnaire, then please refer to the following given points for your knowledge.

  • The main purpose of a survey questionnaire is to gather the point of views and opinions of different people and know their mindset about a particular topic or issue.
  • A survey questionnaire is conducted with the aim of knowing the extreme opinions of different kind of people. These questionnaires bring into perspective the general or common results and the majority of the responses are highlighted.
  • By this method of survey conducting, honest and truthful answers can be known. This is because of the fact that in some cases, the respondents can remain anonymous and hence hide their identity to freely give their answers.
  • A survey questionnaire also gives the respondents a medium to raise their voice and let their opinions be heard and known. A survey questionnaire is the most effective and interactive method which acts like a discussion between the masses and the survey conducting organizations.
  • A survey questionnaire acts like a research method and one of the most powerful and realistic ones and hence this method is adoptive by many organizations and companies to judge a sample group of people and base their results on the responses.