Questionnaires are sets of questions which are meant to analyse or come to a conclusion about a particular topic or phenomenon. Such documents can be either printed or available online on the web for people to find an answer. The questions asked in a questionnaire can either be subjective in nature or objective. But whatever be the pattern of a questionnaire, it is a really important piece of document. Any such document forms a means to establish a result by taking opinions of different people and then evaluating the answers.

A questionnaire is framed with questions in such a way that it can gather information which would have been difficult to comprehend otherwise. There are certain issues which need to be put forward as a question so as to know what exactly does the candidate feels or thinks about. These questions are sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly related to the topic to squeeze out the deep and inner feelings in the form of answers. But any question in a questionnaire will be more or less handy to get the desired answer from the person answering or responding to the questionnaire.

Many questionnaires are used to improve an existing system or product by taking a number of opinions from different people. These questionnaires are often termed as surveys. The other kind of questionnaires can be helpful for various organisations to evaluate feedback and improve and work upon the faults and shortcomings. Questionnaires basically describe viewpoints of different individuals and helps organisations to upgrade and make necessary and required changes which will be of help in future.

The importance of questionnaires also lies in the fact that sometimes a set of questions and their answers can help to know about a person’s capabilities or skills and help organisations or companies to make a decision about hiring them or not.