A questionnaire is a document which contains questions aimed at gathering opinion and review about issues, products, events, and so on. They are extremely vital for the successful achievement of feedback from the people who matter, namely proprietors, consumers, audience, and product users. The questions incorporated in such a document are generally pertained to the topic at hand. However, while writing a questionnaire, irrespective of its kind one must ensure to keep the following points in mind:

  • A questionnaire must be clear and precise. It can be both open ended or closed ended. Where the former provides the assessor with a series of choices from which to select his opinion, the latter leaves the answering of the question to the discretion of the assessor without aiming to guide him in any way.
  • A questionnaire must have direct and to the point questions. All efforts should be made to ensure that the questionnaire allows the respondent to exercise his freedom in answering. Hence, the questions must eschew any form of manipulation or tricky phrasing so that they are unambiguous and clear.
  • A questionnaire writer must also keep in mind the aim of the questionnaire. Some are more factual, for example those involving the success of a product among a certain clientele based on their use of the product. Some are however more subjective, for example those which deal with experiences or memories.
  • A questionnaire writer must be careful that there are no silly mistakes or inadvertent rumors in the questionnaire which can confuse the respondent. A questionnaire must also be ordered and neat with the easier questions at the beginning of the document and the complex ones subsequently following.

Thus, questionnaire writing is a crucial part of the success of a questionnaire in gathering the desired information. Hence, it must be done carefully with attention and thought.