A position analysis questionnaire is a questionnaire drafted by an organization or a company to analyze different positions or designations within the company. These questionnaires are distributed to the employees and each person has to answer questions relating to his/her respective job position in the organization.

Such questionnaires are effective in bringing to the surface the kind of duties and responsibilities which a particular position in a company demands. Through these questionnaires, all positions are monitored, researched and completely analyzed. For a better understanding of a position analyst questionnaire, please refer to the following given points.

  • A position analysis questionnaire is used to know whether or not maximum output is being squeezed out of a particular job position or not. If the response suggests that there aren’t enough duties for a job position, then the authorities of an organization can make necessary changes etc in the portfolio.
  • These questionnaires also help to judge whether a position of work is being used for duties that are not required to be performed by the employee working at that position. Sometimes, a particular job position may have responsibilities that are above or below the level of work that is required to do be done. In these cases, a position analysis questionnaire proves to be really useful.
  • A position analysis questionnaire is a type of a questionnaire which helps to describe the kind of skills, qualifications and work experience that is required for different positions of work.
  • Any questionnaire of this kind also brings into perspective the kind of education and training which is required by a candidate working at a certain position.
  • Some positions may require the employee to have certain licenses or certificates. A position analysis questionnaire is also helpful for bringing such information to the notice of the employer.