An investment questionnaire is helpful to gauge if there are any prospective investors for a particular kind of Investment. The investment questionnaire helps both the parties. It is useful for the questionnaire taker to know about and generate prospective clients whereas it provides the necessary information on different types of investments for the respondent. The investment questionnaire is designed in such a way so that the risk appetite, the income level, etc can be brought forward. The following are some of the points that can help to design a good investment questionnaire.

Points to be kept in mind while designing an investment questionnaire:

  • The investment questionnaire can be very helpful to generate personal information like the gross income level of an individual and a family, the assets, the liabilities, the financial goals and constraints, etc.
  • The questions included in the investment questionnaire should be easy to understand and free of any financial jargon to the extent possible.
  • Try to include short and clear questions that are able to capture the essence of it and are able to generate the required response from the respondent.
  • There can be questions on the current investment paths adopted by the individual and the kind of returns that are being generated out of them.
  • Since the answers being sought are of private in nature, there should be a mention of confidentiality of information at the start of the investment questionnaire. This gives the respondent the confidence to answer the questions without any worries of information compromise.
  • Questions can be a combination of open ended and close ended questions. There should be enough scope and space for the respondent to put down their investment related details.
  • There can be questions which are only included to cross check the accuracy of information provided by the respondent. This makes the investment questionnaire more fruitful and effective.