An interview questionnaire is mostly used during the recruitment and selection drives conducted by employees. Through the help of interview questionnaire, it is possible to eliminate candidates and choose the best among the applicants for the further round of selection process. The interview questionnaire tests the knowledge of the candidates on the skills required for the job applied. The questions can also combine sections on testing the students’ personality, attitude, analytical skills, behavioural skills, etc. Please follow the below points carefully while designing an effective interview questionnaire.

Points to be kept in mind while designing an interview questionnaire:

  • First of all, please bear in mind the way the interview questionnaire will be analysed and how it will help in choosing the right skilled candidates for the job. Then proceed to make a questionnaire suitable for the subsequent decision making process.
  • Try to avoid controversial or biased questions for which a single answer is not known or the question cannot be answered.
  • The interview questionnaire questions should reflect to test the knowledge of the person gained in the respective educational background and work experience.
  • The questions should include a wide variety of topics and if the job requires the knowledge of a specific topic, then ask more number of questions from those topics.
  • Include open ended and close ended questions while questions ranging from being hypothetical, behavioural, attitudinal and attitudinal questions.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the candidates should come out clearly well through the interview questionnaire.
  • Interview questionnaire generally tests the person without meeting or interacting with him or her face-to-face. So the candidates should virtually face the pressure through the questions being posed in the interview questionnaire.
  • It should be remembered that interview questionnaire is only the first step in a series of rounds to follow during the recruitment process of a company.