An insurance questionnaire can be administered on prospective and current insurance policy holders. The questions in an insurance questionnaire can relate to various insurance policies and collect details about the person’s preferences with regard to the income and investment out of investment policies. The financial constraints and goals should be kept in mind while suggesting suitable insurance policies. Hence the individual’s financial condition should also be an essential part of the insurance questionnaire. Please keep the following points into consideration while designing an effective insurance questionnaire.

Points to be kept in mind while designing an insurance questionnaire:

  • The insurance questionnaire can start by asking the personal details of the person like the name, family member names, ages, gender, occupation, etc.
  • Initiate the insurance questionnaire by asking of the individual has taken any insurance policy. If so, what kind of insurance policy has he or she opted for i.e., general insurance or life insurance.
  • Ask the details of the insurance policy subscribed for like the premium to be paid, the time duration, insurance coverage, etc.
  • Then comes the segment where the person’s financial condition should be enquired about. Questions can be on the current assets and liabilities of the person and his or her family.
  • All the questions asked should be relevant to the insurance questionnaire and should be clear in their phrase.
  • The insurance questionnaire should be comprehensive enough so that appropriate decision can be taken. The answers to be sought should not be long and boring. Instead options can be provided leaving some space for the respondent to provide their comments and suggestions.
  • The authenticity of the insurance questionnaire details provided by the respondent is very essential. To gain accurate details, it should be mentioned in the insurance questionnaire the authorities who will be accessing the questionnaire.
  • Finally it is important to note that the insurance questionnaire should be customer friendly but business oriented.