HR questionnaires can be of several types and for different purposes. So the aim of the HR questionnaire should be decided before going ahead and designing an HR questionnaire. Typically, the HR questionnaire can be designed to know what kind of training and development programs are to be introduced in the organization. Other form of HR questionnaire can be used to understand the employee morale and satisfaction levels with the work and the organization. Depending on the data collected, adequate measures can be taken to formulate various kinds of HR policies. Following are some of the useful points that can help design a good HR questionnaire.

Points to be kept in mind while designing an HR questionnaire:

  • The HR questionnaire can start by asking general details from the respondent like employee name, department or unit, employee number, manager name, etc.
  • The questions can be open ended or close ended. Questions can be asked on what the employee feels about the work, culture of the firm, team work, manager, appraisals, pressure handling, etc.
  • The employee can be asked questions on the general motivating factors about the work, the likes and dislikes at the workplace, among others.
  • Apart from the serious things about work, the employee can be asked whether he or she takes active part in activities like sports, social service, clubs, etc.
  • Balance of work and life can also be one of the most important segments of the HR questionnaire. This question provides useful inputs on how the work hours can be made more suitable for the employees.
  • Questions on ratings are also very likely in the HR questionnaire. The ratings can be asked upon comparisons between various firms, teams, units, etc.
  • Suggestions can be asked in the HR questionnaire on how to improve the work conditions so that it can lead to more workforce productivity and more profitable growth of the firm.