An example of a questionnaire is a sample questionnaire which is made for the purposes of helping people, both amateurs and professionals, to design questionnaires. A sample questionnaire must contain everything that is essential in a form of this sort, and it can then serve as a template for future questionnaires. Thus the value of a sample questionnaire is quite high and they are freely available on the net. Care should be taken to determine the value of the questionnaire sample before using it or basing questionnaires on the sample. Some of the essential things which any sample questionnaire must contain are as follows:

  • The sample questionnaire must be a template. In other words, it should provide a working model for a person interested in making a questionnaire. The format should be laid out and the design of the questionnaire, with editing, spacing, formatting, designing, must be made obvious in the sample itself.
  • The example questionnaire may or may not contain questions. Since sometime example questionnaires are mainly sought after for the purposes of format and design, questions may be omitted. However, if the sample questionnaire has to give an indication of the nature of the questions to be asked in the final questionnaire, certain sample questions must be incorporated in it.
  • The example of a questionnaire should contain a fair outline of the various parts into which the final questionnaire will be divided. In other words, the body, questions, feedback, client details, instructions etc must be separately highlighted and underscored.
  • The example of a questionnaire must be carefully checked for errors. Since this will serve as the model for a number of questionnaires, it is essential that the sample must be free of errors or lapses.

Thus the role of a sample questionnaire in the final designing of a workable and viable questionnaire is immense, and this must be given the due consideration.