An employment questionnaire can be developed internally so as to bridge any gaps that may exist between an employee and his employer. An employment questionnaire is very helpful when there are rapid organizational changes and when employees find it difficult to cope up with changes. The objective of an employment questionnaire is to help both the employer and the employees to improve their individual and collective performance.

Points to be noted while designing an employment questionnaire:

  • The objective of the questionnaire is to be clearly specified at the start of the questionnaire so as to make the questionnaire inclusive and attractive.
  • There are various aspects that can be asked in the employment questionnaire. Each of the major sections can be divided into various categories for convenience of answering and analysis.
  • The questions in the employment questionnaire should include the employee preferences and employer goals.
  • The questions can also include the benefits that the organization provides to the employees and whether the employees are satisfied with the compensation and benefits.
  • The questions can also include aspects like flexibility of working hours, non-official tasks like social service initiatives, different employee groups, etc. These aspects are as important as official tasks as they serve as effective employee engagement initiatives and also serve to benefit the society.
  • Questions on relationships with managers, team members, and reportees are also needed as these are the immediate colleagues that an employee works directly with and which to a most extent determine the period for which an employee works for an organization.
  • The questions can also be on the organizational policies like gender discrimination, actions against sexual harassment, etc.
  • Training and development are an essential part of employee growth. These also should be a part of the employment questionnaire.
  • At the end, the employment questionnaire should be analysed and the answers should be used by the organization to improve its policies and practices.