An education questionnaire can be used to obtain opinion from various sections of population like students, professionals, parents, faculty members, etc on the education sector or performance of an educational institution. Education is one of the predominant factors that drives a society and determines the future of a nation. So it is important to administer an education questionnaire on a frequent basis so that an educational institution can improve on a constant basis with the changing needs and demands of the society.

Points to be noted while designing an education questionnaire:

  • You can keep the questions short and easy to understand. The location of an education questionnaire is very important as it is important to approach the schools and colleges to ask the questions rather than conduct them offline through email or phone.
  • There should be an option to answer the education questionnaire anonymously so that honest opinions can be given by all the stakeholders concerned.
  • The intention of the education questionnaire is to improve the general level of education standards in the educational institutions.
  • Since students and faculty will be demotivated if long answers are expected, it is always better to include options and ask for short answers.
  • Filling the questionnaire should not take much time for the target group as students and faculty will generally not have enough time between their classes.
  • The questions can include questions on the type of subjects taught, the quality of education provided by various governmental and private organizations, the knowledge gained by students, the softer or attitudinal aspects, etc.
  • The education questionnaire can also bring some of the best performing faculty members in the limelight so that their efforts can be recognised.
  • An education questionnaire can be used as an effective means to raise the standard of education and hence to increase the level of knowledge and living standards of a society.