A training questionnaire is a document which aims at gathering the impact of a training program on trainees and their feedback about the coursework, modules, advantages and disadvantages. Such a document is vital as it helps the organizers and trainers frame their course according to the requirements of the trainees and it also helps to detect the flaws of the course and change or eliminate them. Some of the important factors to be kept in mind while framing training questionnaires are as follows:

  • A training questionnaire can be of two kinds. The first kind is provided to the trainee before the course actually begins and it aims at obtaining information about the kind of skills possessed by the potential trainee, his suitability for the course, his preferred area of interest, his career plans and so on.
  • The second kind is offered to the trainee after the training session. This contains questions which are relevant to the training course being assessed by the trainee. This includes the respondent’s opinions on the various parts of the course, the performance of the trainer, the fee structures, and the kind of soft and technical skills which the course provides and so on. Thus questions must be detailed and comprehensive.
  • A training questionnaire must be prepared by someone actively involved in the training session and is informative about the various issues which must be assessed by the participant trainee. It should be completely unambiguous and unbiased and the questions must be such as to allow the respondent full freedom to express his opinions and criticism.
  • A training questionnaire must also ensure that there is a genuine effort to locate the flaws and shortcomings of the course. A good training questionnaire must invite criticism as the best way to achieve success.