A survey questionnaire is a productive tool that is used for acquiring constructive feedback from the targeted individuals. These are used for varied range of purposes like collecting feedback of a newly released or existing product of a company, impact of recently conducted workshop or conference or for any other purposes that require composite collection of data. These data are then processed and used according to the need of the surveyor in revealing any aspect related to the concerning matter.

Irrespective of the content of a survey questionnaire, one must ensure to follow certain points in order to construct an effective piece of feedback document. Hence, some of the factors, as enlisted, are needed to be followed strictly for any kind of survey questionnaire.

  • Prior preparing a questionnaire, one must have clear knowledge about the purpose based upon which questions have to be framed. This is important as it helps to construct specific questions that justify the essentiality of the objective.
  • One must prioritize the questions according to its level of importance. This is required in order to construct a short survey questionnaire so that the respondent does not leave it half done.
  • Irrespective of the purpose it is supposed to serve, a conversational style is highly preferred for any kind of survey questionnaire. This is because; it interests every kind of people with a particular targeted class.
  • It is important to impart a structure to the questionnaire that generally proceeds with general to specific questions.
  • Always avoid framing such questions that would accumulate false positive responses. This kind of questions might not serve the objective of the authority entirely or can also lead to a vague conclusion.
  • Within a particular survey questionnaire, it is always advisable to use same rating scale for the questions that require the respondent to rate certain items.