A Stress questionnaire is essentially made with a purpose to estimate the stress scale of urban dwellers. These kinds of approach help in revealing the actual areas of day-to-day life that adds to the stress load of an individual. Moreover, it can be used for a wide range of purposes that extends from stresses related to work place to the pressure of lifestyle in today’s fast-paced society. Thus, the questions related to such kind of inquisition have to be directed specifically targeting a particular group of people.

Therefore, some of the attributes has to be abided for all types of stress questionnaire, irrespective of its purpose. These are as follows:

  • One must ensure that the questions used for a specific kind of stress questionnaire do not seek for answers that are effusive in nature. All of them should be concise, yet covering up all the areas concerning the particular purpose.
  • The questions formulated have to be relevant to the topic so that they are effective in bringing out the maximum and exact responses. In order to do so, one can use valuable and proper statistics to impart a look and feel of compare and contrast to the questions framed.
  • As the stress questionnaires varies in nature according to their content, they should also target the related set of people like a certain age group or section of population allied to the concerning purpose. A narrower frame of reference always helps the authority to reach at a particular conclusion by analyzing the shortcomings that is needed to be recovered immediately from the menace of stress. If this is not done, an overall consensus cannot be obtained easily through a particular questionnaire.
  • A well composed stress questionnaire is of immense importance in today’s society; hence, it has to be presented unambiguously so that it is rightly determined.