The social questionnaire is created specifically by sociologists for the purpose of a better understanding of society and all elements relevant to it. This is an important method through which different perspectives are gained about social existence and the various factors that affect it. Sociologists can adopt various methods for the social questionnaires like face to face, written or even computerized methods depending on the particular topic. This is an effective way to study and understand social life whether through an individualized point of view or that of a community. The social questionnaire must be created in a way that most information can be gathered.

The social questionnaire is also very popularly used by academic researchers in sociology where the Quantitative method is used for acquiring the required information. The main aim for this type of questionnaire is to reach a great number of respondents. This is very important since it is a social exercise and requires a wider perspective. While formulating this questionnaire, there are certain important points that should be kept in mind:

  • The demographic group should be identified before the questionnaire is composed. This will influence the nature and type of questions that are formulated.
  • Since it is important for a larger number of people to respond to the questionnaire, the language should be simple and coherent. The questions should be to-the-point and clearly state the purpose of asking it.
  • It is also essential to emphasize the purpose of the questionnaire. This can be done either at the beginning of the questionnaire or stated within the questions itself.
  • It is important to keep the social questionnaire short so that it is taken up by more respondents. However, all important topics must be covered within this brief survey.
  • The respondents must also be assured of their anonymity in taking the questionnaire.