The satisfaction questionnaire is essentially used by business corporations for the purpose of keeping track of product-customer satisfaction. It is important for all companies to grow and develop their business ventures and this is done effectively by gaining feedback from the customers with regards to the products produced by them. This needs to cover a wide range of aspects related to product or service provided. The customer is required to state the level of satisfaction experienced. This is valuable for the company as it also works as a consumer market analysis.

The satisfaction questionnaire should follow a certain format which a wide number of customers or respondents can understand and respond to. It is always preferable for companies to hire an expert for formulating this type of questionnaire. There are certain points that should be kept in mind while constructing the satisfaction questionnaire is as follows:

  • There must be a clear mention of the product and/or service of the company for which this questionnaire is being conducted. This can be done by inserting the product name into the question, as well.
  • A satisfaction scale must be created next wherein the customer can mark the satisfaction experienced on a scale of a particular set limit.
  • A brief query for the description of the product or service should be asked for the consumers to fill in their own words.
  • There must be provisions made for questions that deal with problem identification related to the product. The feedback gained will be most valuable for the improvement of the product.
  • The questionnaire should be constructed in simple language so that there is no difficulty in interpreting the questions.
  • The satisfaction questionnaire should be brief and provide adequate impact on the consumer/respondent. Moreover, there should not be any complex or long questions.