A research questionnaire is a commonly used method through which information is gathered pertaining to the particular research topic or subject. This can be for academic, commercial or any other organizational purpose. This is constituted of a series of research based questions which are sequenced in a certain way so as to receive appropriate information from the respondents. This is a type of survey which includes a large number of people as opposed to a particular niche group. Moreover, the questions within the research questionnaire should be relevant to the research topic of the surveyor.

Research Questionnaires are of various types based on the mode adapted by the surveyor:

  • Face to Face Research Questionnaires
  • Written Questionnaires
  • Computerized Questionnaires

While creating a research questionnaire, one must be aware of the intricacies involved with the construction and framing of the questions. The questions must appeal to a broad section of society and hence, certain points should be kept in mind:

  • The questions must be constructed in a simple and understandable language that a greater number of people can attempt.
  • It is always preferable to have a multiple choices for questions as opposed to the ones that expect a longer response.
  • The questions must always be framed in a positive manner and there should be no condescension on the part of the questionnaire and the surveyor.
  • There should be no grammar or a syntactical error as this can be a general put-off for most respondents.
  • The researcher or surveyor must ensure that all possible subtopics have been covered that is relevant to the research topic.
  • Longer questionnaires are generally left incomplete by the respondents.¬† Hence, a brief research questionnaire is needed to be documented.

The research questionnaire is an important process and hence, should be created carefully adhering to the points stated above.