Questionnaire design primarily defines how to create and design a questionnaire with respect to a requirement, need, product, service, experience, and objective. Different agencies, organizations, businesses, and independent people conduct research and submit project reports and dissertations. In order to reach a conclusive result, it is often recommended to create a questionnaire, which will derive responses from people, which will help organizations or agencies in formulating their strategies, reports and dissertations accordingly. Questionnaire design answers the need for a questionnaire and states the valuable data and information that can be gathered by using it.

A questionnaire design can be created depending on who it is targeting and what are the primary objectives. There are primarily two focus areas in questionnaire design and they are:

  • Information Gathering: This is the most important aspect of questionnaire design and it focuses on the type of information required. Whether it is a marketing questionnaire or a health history questionnaire, the objective remains the same – to gather as much data as possible regarding an individual, an organization, a product or service, or an experience. Questionnaire design helps in deciding the important aspects of a questionnaire, what all needs to be focused on and how the questions have to be drafted. Some questions can be drafted as statements, some may be created to derive a singular response like yes or no, some may be defined with experience parameters like satisfied, very good, etc., and some might just be a basic question.
  • Specific Responses: This is a section of questionnaire design that complements the information gathering process by defining parameters. These parameters are either objective focused or participant focused. This basically means that if an organization wants to know about consumer experience then the questionnaire design will be participant focused. If an organization wants to know if the implementation of a particular process or the launch of a product was successful or not then the questionnaire design will be objective focused.