The importance of a product questionnaire lies in its objectives. Most companies or organizations conduct initial market surveys prior to launching a new product and customers are made to fill product questionnaires. This exercise is conducted by an organization to understand the standing of their product in the market, the market conditions favorable to the launch of their product, the view of the consumer, the experience that a consumer is seeking from the product and the expected competition. A product questionnaire is a sum total of all marketing, sales, and strategic needs of an organization related to new product launches.

A product questionnaire is divided into two sections with each section offering an insight into specific areas of product launch and the market. The sections are:

  • Basic Information: This section of the product questionnaire provides personal information of the participant like name, address, age, sex, geographical location, their need for the product, and their experience on similar products in the market. This section of the questionnaire also offers an insight into what consumers feel about how the organization should market the product and what benefits a consumer can derive from the product. In some product questionnaires, this section also includes questions related to the product line, brand orientation of the product, visual imaging and merchandizing, and product perceptions.
  • Product Information: This section of the product questionnaire informs a consumer about the salient aspects of the product and generates response in favor of or against the product. In this section, an organization tries to get the consumer to ascertain their experience and benefit derived from existing products from competitors in the same category. The questions in this section also measure various elements like consumer satisfaction, vendor satisfaction, price satisfaction, availability of the product, consumer awareness, market demands, performance in the market, benefit to the company, and the future of the product.