Marketing questionnaires are essential for those organizations or businesses that are either launching a new product or are trying to give one of their old brands a new identity. It is an exercise that involves not only marketing professionals from within the organization but also professionals from other departments as well. The objective of a marketing questionnaire is to find out the current popularity of an existing product in the market, the best strategy required to enhance the brand value, the roadblocks and solutions, the target audience, and ways and means to reach out to them.

A marketing questionnaire can contain more than 100 questions but it is essentially divided into two different sections with each section catering towards a certain area of marketing. The two main sections include:

  • Objective and Plans: This is the first section of a marketing questionnaire and it provides an outline of the objective of the exercise and how it will benefit the organization. It provides an insight into the entire exercise and how the results will define the changes that need to be implemented to create brand, product, and business awareness. This part of the questionnaire also challenges the current norms and offers an insight into solutions available for the organization.
  • Marketing Exercise: This is the second section of the marketing questionnaire. It contains different types of questions that revolve around various aspects of marketing including product market, market dynamics, target audience, competition, product offering, existing brand value, perceived brand value, brand identity creation, marketing and promotional strategies, pricing of the product, sales and customer service, and consumer experience. The questions that form the exercise reveal information that helps an organization to determine how best they can proceed from one market to another and what type of advertising strategy they need to devise to attract the customers.