A market questionnaire plays an important role in finding information regarding the visibility of brands, the performance of specific products and services, the consumers view, the consumers experience and satisfaction, the market demand, the competitors etc.  The results of a market questionnaire help organizations and businesses in creating the right strategies for promotion, marketing, and selling of their products or services in changing markets and changing consumer preferences.

The feedback derived from a market questionnaire will help an organization to understand the local, regional, and internal markets better; it will help them to identify non-buying customers, provide an insight into market penetration, and help in product development and diversification.

A marketing questionnaire consists of three different aspects and each aspect is integral to the market questionnaire. The three aspects are:

  • Outline: This is the first aspect of the market questionnaire and it offers an insight into the objective and goals of the exercise. It reveals how the results of the questionnaire or consumer feedback will help organizations and businesses in defining and creating better experience for the consumer.
  • Information: This is the second aspect of the market questionnaire and it includes personal information of the participant who normally is the consumer. Personal information of the consumer includes name, age, sex, marital status, household income, and contact information.
  • The Questions: This is the third and most important aspect of the market questionnaire. It contains multiple choice, open ended, and close ended questions regarding consumer’s experience regarding a product or service, their levels of satisfaction, the need or requirement for the specific product or service, their like and dislike, the salient aspects, and the changes that the consumer feels is necessary.  It also contains questions related to consumers view of competitor products or services and ratings of the specific product vis-à-vis the competitor’s product.