The primary objective of a management questionnaire is to find out how the management is performing based on selected standards and their achievements towards the growth of the organization, work teams, business processes, and implementation of various programs related to employees. A management questionnaire is filled by both middle management and top management executives and is sent to the HR department to analyze and deduce the results. The results of this questionnaire will help the organization to define what exists and what is required. It will help a business to define new goals and new strategies, which can contribute to the overall growth of the business processes or the business on the whole.

A management questionnaire consists of three different parts and each part is integral to understanding the behavior, attitude, and working of the management. The three parts are:

  • Outline: This is the first part of the questionnaire and it includes information regarding the type of questionnaire it is and what it is trying to achieve in terms of objectives and goals. This part of the management questionnaire informs the respondent or the one filling the questionnaire about the importance of this entire exercise.
  • Information: This is the second part of the management questionnaire and it includes both personal and professional information of the respondent or the participant. Personal information includes name, sex, age, and address. Official or professional information includes name of the company, designation, department, email address, other contact information, date of joining, and duration of stay in the organization.
  • Questions: This is the third and most important part of the questionnaire. It includes questions related to the role of the management and can be open ended or close ended. These questions revolve around how executives in the management perceive the organizational process, what their contributions are, what are their plans for the future and how they can contribute towards change.