Love is believed to be one of the most important parts of any relationship. A love questionnaire can be administered at various phases of life of a person. It can be administered when the person has fallen in love to see how long the love will last. The love questionnaire can also test the romantic relationship between two people after they are married, etc. Depending on the context, a love questionnaire can be designed. Follow the following points before preparing a love questionnaire so that the desired goal is achieved.

Points to be kept in mind while designing a love questionnaire:

  • It is very important to let the love questionnaire enquire about the general details of the romantic relationship between two people instead of drilling deep into more personal details that the respondent might refuse to disclose.
  • So to design a love questionnaire that can generate substantial information be informed about the psychological thinking of the respondent.
  • The questions that can be asked in a love questionnaire can vary from relationship status, frequency of meeting together and spending time with each other, sex, family, marriage, etc.
  • The love questionnaire should send positive signals so that the respondent can open up and give his or her choice. The questions should make the person comfortable and give the confidence that all the answers provided with the secure with them.
  • It is very popular to include questions with a rating scale. This gives good opportunity to present an effective analysis of the love questionnaire.
  • The love questionnaire should test the transformation of love between the two people. This helps in taking necessary steps to being the love back into their lives or to intensify it as appropriate.
  • The questions should be rational and should stimulate psychological thinking from the respondent.