A leader is one who drives his people through his vision, direction, and values. Everyone cannot be a great leader. It takes immense courage and commitment to take a set of people forward and build trust in them for the goals and objectives to be met collectively. Each leader follows his own unique style to carry forward his job in the most effective manner which also is a function of the current situation and constraints. Thus a leadership questionnaire is used to know whether the individual possess all these qualities of being a good leader or not. Some points to be underscored while preparing a leadership questionnaire are given below for reference.

Points to be kept in mind while designing a leadership questionnaire:

  • The goal of a leadership questionnaire is to bring the leadership qualities of a candidate forward.
  • Questions in the leadership questionnaire can consist of how well the candidate can manage people under various set of conditions.
  • There can be situational questions to understand the behaviour of the person when the situation turns in and out of favour.
  • The leadership questionnaire should be designed carefully not to test the knowledge and skills of the person more than the behavioural and personality questions. There should be a balance in both.
  • The leadership qualities that are sought differ for different industries, different situations, different teams, etc. Therefore the questions should comprehensively test and find out in which situation can the candidate take the role of a leader and perform it in the most effective manner.
  • The leadership questionnaire should not only being forward the point of strengths, but also the points of weakness so that the candidate can work and improve of them.
  • There could be questions that can have multiple correct answers. So it becomes important to design a technique to analyse such answers well and bring out the right imperative.
  • It is always a good idea to sample test the leadership questionnaire on a set of people before administering it to a wide variety of audience.