There are many candidates who are not sure which job will suit them and if they have the required strengths to perform the roles and responsibilities of a job. A job questionnaire can be ideally used in such scenarios to get those candidates out of confusion and dilemma. The job questionnaire consists of a variety of questions that enables the candidates to know their strengths and weaknesses so that they can choose a job that can fit their knowledge, personality, and other job preferences.

Points to be kept in mind while designing a job questionnaire:

  • The questions may start with the basic details of the person including the family background, educational background, income levels, etc.
  • The questions given in job questionnaire are intended to help the respondent. So they should be clearly designed and quick to answer.
  • The questions in a job questionnaire should be relevant to the educational background of a person so that the person can find the questionnaire helpful and relevant to choose the job he or she desires.
  • There should be questions on the level of stress that can be handled, the personality traits, the likes and dislikes of the candidate, the aptitude level and must b aligned with the personal preferences of the candidate.
  • The questions should be designed in a manner that till the candidate reaches the end of the job questionnaire, he or she should be clear on what role in which industry would suite him or her.
  • The candidate should find enough scope to put forward his or her goals and objectives pertaining to the career that he or she aspires to take up.
  • These job questionnaires are generally designing by human resources or counselling firms so that they can help maximum number of candidates to choose their dream jobs and also connect the profiles of candidates with the relevant organizations.