A health questionnaire is an effective way to gather details on the general health and medical condition of a person. Such type of health questionnaires are administered by hospitals, insurance companies, employment agencies, etc. The health questionnaire can contain a variety of questions depending upon the purpose of the questionnaire. Some of the things that are important to be kept in mind while designing an effective health questionnaire are given below.

Points to be kept in mind while designing a health questionnaire:

  • The health questionnaire should start with the statement that strict confidentiality will be provided to all the details provided in the questionnaire. Other than analytical purposes, the health questionnaire cannot be shared with any third party. This is important as the health condition of a person is not public information.
  • The questionnaire can start with questions regarding the general details like age, gender, date of birth, address, etc. This provides the necessary comfort to start answering the questions.
  • Then the questions can gradually progress towards detailed medical history. This can include but is not limited to questions on medical tests, conditions, treatments, hospitals, their current status, etc.
  • The options to be provided for the health questionnaire can contain yes or no options. But typically the questions should be open ended to get additional details from the respondent.
  • The health condition at workplace and precautions and safety taken at home can also form an essential part of the health questionnaire.
  • The health questionnaire cannot exclude questions on general habits like smoking, consuming alcohol, sleeping pills, drugs, etc. These questions are essential to provide guidance to the person to stop such activities.
  • Importance should be given for the way the health questionnaire will be analysed. As it is as much important to collect data as it is to analyse it.
  • The summary of the analysis should be shared with the respondent so that right actions can be taken if necessary.