The aim of a fun questionnaire is to let the participants have some fun while answering the questionnaire. A fun questionnaire should be designed in a careful manner so that the purpose of the questionnaire is not lost, and there should be a balance between having fun and intruding into the personal life of a person. Before the fun questionnaire begins it should be made clear that the answers of the fun questionnaire would be kept secret and confidential. The following are some of the tips of designing a good fun questionnaire.

Points to be kept in mind while designing a fun questionnaire:

  • The questions in the fun questionnaire should not be serious and analytical. It should make the person light and free of worldly pressures.
  • The main purpose of the fun questionnaire is to fill the person’s mind with excitement and pressure. The questions should bring back all the fun memories back into the person’s mind.
  • The fun questionnaire should not contain any boring and dull questions. The questions can be on various facets of the person’s life including both personal and professional.
  • Some of the sample topics on which questions can be designed include favourite colours, favourite genre of music, likes and dislikes, pastime activities, favourite travel destinations, etc.
  • A well designed fun questionnaire will include small and clear questions rather than big and complex questions. The intention of the fun questionnaire is not to test the results through a complex analytical manner. It should just convey a little fun and excitement.
  • Situational questions can also become a part of the fun questionnaire. These captivate the interest of the person filling the questionnaire and invite him or her to present their opinion of different situations.
  • There should be also an option to not answer all or any the questions in a fun questionnaire as the participant should be able to decide whether or not a question intrudes their personal life and choose not to answer.