A finance questionnaire is mostly used internally by finance managers to conduct a survey of various financial aspects of a company. E.g., a finance questionnaire can be conducted to analyse the risks of investing in a particular new project at a new location. The questions should mostly contain financial questions like financial risk, financial ratio effects, etc. The questions can also be subjective and can include policies of a nation that can be advantageous or disadvantages for taking up a project. The finance questionnaire is mainly targeted towards administration on experts who are well versed with the situations and are experienced enough to judge the feasibility of projects beforehand.

Points to be noted while designing a finance questionnaire:

  • The aim of a finance questionnaire is to analyse and present the feasibility of investing in projects in front of senior management. So the questions should be carefully designed in a way that the outcome of the finance questionnaire is either to go or not to go ahead with a project.
  • The questions should deal with the financial risks of going ahead with a project with the likelihood of experiencing repercussions in the whole company due to massive gains or losses involved with a project.
  • The viability and feasibility of the project consider the results of a finance questionnaire as one of the essential components for decision making.
  • To avert any loss that might happen after investing in a project, expert opinions are sought who have invested in similar enterprises and have taken profits or loss from such businesses.
  • The questions can include aspects like budgets of the company on a project, choose the right team to take the project forward, and scope of the project. These things go a long way in determining whether or not a company have the relevant expertise in dealing with a project.