A feedback questionnaire is used to take feedback for a variety of purposes. In order to keep improving and maintain and edge with the competition, it is important to enhance the quality and performance of a product or service. Various forms of institutions and business organizations conduct the feedback questionnaire on their respective target groups who use their products or services. In a feedback questionnaire it is very important to choose the right set of people who have a prior experience of using a particular brand. Choosing a random target group will prove to be of a little use and the companies would not be able to use the analysis of a feedback questionnaire.

Points to be noted while designing a feedback questionnaire:

  • A feedback questionnaire can be used for a variety of purposes like taking feedback from trainees on the training session provided, taking the customer’s view on the products or services, seeking the opinion of employees on a general organizational policy, etc.
  • It should be clearly mentioned at the start of the feedback questionnaire that the objective of the feedback questionnaire is to improve the effectiveness of a policy or a product of a company.
  • The feedback questionnaire should start with the name of the respondent (optional), the gender, occupation, etc.
  • The questions can include the customer service aspects pertaining to a product or service of a company with closed options like ‘Very Good’, ‘Good’, ‘Moderate’, ‘Poor’, ‘Very Poor’, etc.
  • The feedback questionnaire can also comprise of questions on pricing, communication, packaging, etc.
  • Some of the questions can be open ended. E.g., if the feedback questionnaire is on obtaining feedback about a new policy on work hours being imposed on employees, then the question can be subjective and can seek constructive opinion to make the policy a better one.
  • A careful analysis should be carried on the feedback questionnaire to present the results in an effective manner which helps organizations improve their brand image.