A fashion questionnaire can be used to seek the opinion of various people related to the field of fashion on their opinions on various aspects of fashion. Fashion related issues can comprise of latest fashion trends, fashion shows and other things concerned with the fashion industry.

The respondents for a fashion questionnaire can be persons from the field of fashion, teenagers, people who like socialising in parties, pubs, etc. The fashion questionnaire can also be administered during any event or fashion shows.

Points to be noted while designing a fashion questionnaire:

  • The fashion questionnaire should start with the name of the respondent, the gender, occupation, income level, etc.
  • The intention of conducting the fashion questionnaire should be clearly stated at the beginning so that the interest of the people can be generated before taking the questions.
  • The questions should start with general knowledge on the latest fashion brands in the market and how long have they been using any of those latest trends. The question can also be on the likeability and acceptance of those products. Acceptability creates brand equity and brand name.
  • The questions can be close ended with relevant options to describe opinions of various persons who are connected or not connected to the brand.
  • The questions can include the current most fashionable stuff that are of good quality, are durable and trust worthy. The brands of such nature are the favourite among the fashion lovers.
  • The fashion questionnaire can also comprise of opinion on general accessories like matching shoes, sandals, jewellery, etc.
  • A fashion questionnaire could be an effective way of knowing the style sense of people of various age groups and income groups so that the fashion designers can develop products of fashion according to the opinions given by the people.
  • The results of the fashion questionnaire can be published or shared with any firm in the fashion industry for their growth.