A customer questionnaire is intended to know the customer needs, wants, and brand preferences for particular products, services or unmet needs. This questionnaire can be administered personally, through mails, through phone, etc. Through this questionnaire, it can be found out whether the current products or services meet, do not meet, or have exceeded customer expectations.

The questions that are being asked are generally close ended with an option to put in suggestions after each question. The results of the customer questionnaire can be shared with companies so that they can develop better products and services for the customers.

Points to be noted while designing a customer questionnaire:

  • There are various aspects that can be tested in a customer questionnaire. Some of them are the utility of the products and services, their brand accessibility, brand experience, responsiveness, etc.
  • The questionnaire can begin with the blanks for details of the customer like name, address, age, occupation, income level, etc.
  • Then the questionnaire should list which aspects or which type of customer needs is being studied with this survey. This defines the scope of the customer questionnaire.
  • The questions can include the way the companies project themselves in various forms of communication like advertising, etc and whether the product or service is capability of standing up to the projected utility.
  • The consumer questionnaire can also test the after sales service or after production support given by the companies. This can also include product guarantees and services offered during the warranty period.
  • The questionnaire should also include questions on the pricing competitiveness of the product or service, the overall performance and quality of the product, etc.
  • The customer experience while buying the product is also one of the essential components of the customer buying behaviour.
  • At the end of the questionnaire, an overall rating of the product or service can be taken from the customer.