A career questionnaire is a helpful document that can be used to show the right career path to the respondent. The aim of various questionnaires is to assist the surveyor but a career questionnaire is among those surveys that help the respondent to analyse his strengths and weakness and choose the career that suits him the best.

The nature of the questions can be based on the psychology of the candidate, the attitudinal aspects and his aptitude. The questions should bring about points of weakness that candidates can introspect and work on so that he can achieve the career path that he wishes to.

Points to be noted while designing a career questionnaire:

  • The questions should be clear and direct. There should be no ambiguity in the meaning of the questions and answers.
  • The questions should provide a means to the student to gauge the knowledge that he or she has gained over the years.
  • The questions should also include softer aspects like communication skills, attitudinal aspects related to time management, hierarchy, respect to seniors, gender equality, etc.
  • Questions should also be posed on the personality of the candidate in terms of management and leadership skills, charisma of the candidate, inspirational and motivational skills, etc.
  • There should be other questions asking the candidate about the likes and dislikes of various aspects of business like inclination towards software or hardware work, comfort environment or harsher environment, etc.
  • There should be questions on what the candidate would like to see himself or herself as a few years down the line so as to take a realistic view of the aspiration of the candidate.
  • There should be questions that openly describe the skills needed for some career paths that would need the candidate to develop their knowledge or expertise in one field or another.
  • Any likely changes in career aspirations should also be a part of the questionnaire.
  • The results of the analysis of the questionnaire should be shared with the candidate.