A business questionnaire is a regular part of the ongoing study undertaken for understanding the performance of a business from a customer point of view. The main goal of any business enterprise is to ensure that their products and/or services are intended to cater to the customer’s needs. There is tremendous competition in the market with similar products and services. So the challenge lies in creating a distinct brand image of a product or service vis-a-vis other similar products or services. A business questionnaire helps in such circumstances to understand the customer’s needs and the image that a firm’s product or service that is created in the mind of the customer.

Points to be noted while designing a business questionnaire:

  • The business questionnaire should start with knowing the demographic details of the respondent like country, industry, age, designation, income group, etc. The name may or may not be asked depending on whether the questionnaire is intended to be anonymous.
  • The questions can be open ended or close ended (with options) depending on the way of analysis of the business questionnaire.
  • Make the close ended questions exhaustive with all the possible answers that can form a part of an answer.
  • The questions should try to include various spheres of managing business to get an all-round perspective and feedback from the clients.
  • There should be an introduction to the questionnaire explaining the purpose of the questionnaire.
  • Relevant questions should be asked in the business questionnaire so that the questionnaire is able to achieve the desired goal through the survey.
  • The questions can include aspects of the needs of the client in the industry of the operations of the firm, whether the products are aligned according to the needs of the client, etc.
  • At the end the questionnaire there should be an open ended question asking the respondent to put in suggestions and feedback to increase the utility of the product. This is one of the key factors that can raise the market share of the firm.