A brand questionnaire includes the questions that are needed to understand the brand value or brand equity of a product in the eyes of the consumer. This questionnaire involves asking various types of questions on different aspects of a brand like comparison on similar aspects with other brands, brand strengths and weaknesses, brand communication, brand experience, brand extensions, etc. The questions should measure the brand of the product in such a way that the measurement of the brand through the questionnaire can be done.

Points to be noted while designing a brand questionnaire:

  • The brand questionnaire should start with knowing the demographic details of the respondent. The name may or may not be asked depending on whether the questionnaire is intended to be anonymous.
  • Details like country, industry, age, designation, income group, etc can be asked in the demographic details.
  • The questions can be open ended or close ended depending on the way of analysis of the brand questionnaire.
  • Questions that are close ended should have options that are exhaustive in nature E.g., a question can have options like ‘I don’t know’, ‘Never or seldom true’, ‘Sometimes true’, ‘Almost always true’, ‘Always true’.
  • The questions can include topics on customer satisfaction like what the customer feels about the product and whether the company takes appropriate measures like interviews, suggestions, etc to improve the product.
  • The questionnaire can include questions on the brand evolution depending on the changing lifestyles and attitudes of consumers towards the products.
  • The questionnaire should include questions on pricing to know whether the product is premium priced, competitively priced, inexpensive, etc. Discount pricing can also form a part of pricing.
  • Questions can also be taken from the communication aspect. Various forms of communication include advertising through television, internet, radios, etc. Communication can also be carried through hoardings, billboards, salespersons, etc.
  • The answers to be analysed are a necessary part of the brand strategy of the firm in order to keep improving and evolving with the growing needs of the consumers.