Questionnaires are really important documents which are generally written, printed or available on the net for users to answer. These documents help to gather important information on a topic from different individuals so as to come to a general conclusion or result. But the organisations or individuals who are in charge of framing questionnaires have to keep certain points in mind before starting the drafting of questionnaires.

The first thing to be kept in mind while framing a questionnaire is the fact that these are formal documents which must have full proof information and thus enough research must have been done before giving the questions and choices for answers. This is important because there is no place for errors as a huge number of users can use questionnaires for personal evaluation too. Infact in case where any respondent points out to a fault, the organisation using the questionnaire can be held punishable under law.

To start with, the beginning of a questionnaire must ask for personal information about the user such as name, address, phone number etc. In some cases, age and other private information can also be required. The next part of the questionnaire must be the part where questions related to the topic are asked point wise with enough detailing of the question and its meaning.

In case of objective type questions, appropriate choices should be written down and one should make sure that no possible choice is left out. Similarly in the case where questions are subjective, an ample amount of space must be left for users to give an answer. Any questionnaire must not deviate from the topic and must consist of to the point questions. Any person framing the questionnaire should also keep in mind that the sentiments of the respondents are very important and no controversial topic must be raised.