A website planning questionnaire must incorporate important details and requirements of the client for creating a website. A well structured website planning questionnaire encompasses various aspects of website development. Questions must address the needs of the client and also ask for their special input. This questionnaire must be formulated with much care to include all the important aspects. The language should be simple and precise. Such questionnaires are usually open ended as much detail is to be incorporated in the answers.

Website Planning Questionnaire Sample

Name of the client

Email Id of the client

Phone number of the client

Name of the person in charge of the project:

Q1: What is the target audience for this project?

  • Business associates
  • Young students
  • Average net surfer
  • Others (Please specify) _________________________

Q2:  Does the project require revival of an existing website?

  • Yes
  • No

Q3: If yes, please provide with the domain name and other details of the existing website.


Q4: Please specify your budget range for the project.


Q5: What is your aim of launching the website?


Q6: Upon completion of the project, who will be maintaining the website?


Q7: How did you receive information about our services?

  • Through word of mouth
  • Through advertisement
  • Other sources (Please specify)

Q8: When do you wish to start the project?


Q9: Are there any special requirements that you wish to incorporate in while designing or redesigning the website? (For example: logo and other visuals)


Q10: Do you have any suggestions and comments pertaining to the project?