Web questionnaire template represents a ready to use format for any type of questionnaire related to web and websites. Generally, such kind of questionnaires is framed by the website developer to find out the requirement of a person who wants to develop a website.

Sample Web Questionnaire Template

Name__________________________ [name of the prospective customer or client]

Address ______________________

Contact number ______________                         Date ______________ [dd/mm/yy]

Company’s name_____________________ [name of the website developing company]

Please answer the questions properly so that we could meet your requirement.

Q1. What is the purpose of developing this website?

a. Own website

b. Company/ organization/ institution website

c. Website for advertising events or programs

d. Entertainment website

Q2. Write about the content you want to have in your website


[Mention in details the content you want to have in the website]

Q3. What is the sole objective behind the creation of this website?

  1. Promotion
  2. Marketing
  3. Both
  4. Others please specify __________________ [mention if there is any other objective behind creation of this website]

Q4. Do you want to restrict the search and set a limit for accessing the website?

  1. Yes. I do want to restrict it for _____________________________ [mention the restriction you want to have in your website]
  2. No, not at all.

Q5.  Mention if any particular theme, color or slogan you want specifically for your website in order to serve your objective.


[Mention in details regarding special requirements]

Q6. Mention your estimated budget on which you want to accomplish the task of your website designing and development