A web questionnaire is a document that is made on the web or internet and is used to get response on the web itself. Such questionnaires consist of a series of questions which are collectively aimed at getting a response from a person about a particular topic. Such questionnaires are the easiest to frame and get attention considering the internet era that we are living in.

The basic thing to be kept in mind before framing a web questionnaire is that it must be able to generate the maximum response possible. The questions should not be predictable and the respondent should be hooked to it till the end without abandoning it mid way. The questions should be short and easy to answer. Long and boring questions only result in the respondent losing interest.

There is a huge variety of web questionnaire categories. The following are a few examples:

  • Web career questionnaire
  • Web marketing questionnaire
  • Web customer satisfaction questionnaire


It depends on the kind of questionnaire whether the questions will be objective or subjective. An objective web questionnaire should give a maximum of four options. In case of a subjective questionnaire, enough space must be left to get a response from the person. The questions should be grammatically correct and scientifically proven.