A web project questionnaire helps to develop a website by taking the specifications from the company. It helps to develop a website customised to company’s requirements. Companies can improve the presence of the firm in the market through a good website.

Sample Web Project questionnaire:

Name of the representative:                 _____________________________

Address of the representative:       _____________________________

Phone Number:                   _____________________________

Email Id:                            _____________________________

Company name:                 _____________________________

Q1:  Please provide the contact details of the representative to be contacted throughout the web project

Name: ______________________ Phone number: ____________ Email id: _____________

Q2. Give the details that are to be displayed in the ‘Contact Us’ tab of the website.


Q3. What is the end objective of the web development project?

a)   Increase in profitability of the company

b)   Better brand image

c)   Online presence of the firm

d)   Others ______________________________________

Q4. Give a brief description of the business (Only for internal knowledge purposes)


Q5. Have you already got a website address?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q6. If yes, please specify it below


Q7. If no, do you need our help for registering a new website?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q8. Please select the services that you want us to insert in the website of your company (Multiple options can be chosen)

a)   Introduction

b)   Products and services

c)   Career options

d)   Contact us

e)   Header and footer

f)    Investor relations

g)   Others _____________________________________

Q9. What kind of colours would you prefer to have in your website?


Q10. Do you want to give us a reference of any other website while developing the website of your company?

a)   Yes, Please specify  the web address _____________________

b)   No