Every website is a set of web pages. It displays the contents, images, and videos of the company. The information is displayed categorically in different web pages. The following web page questionnaire helps to know the details that the company wants to display in a particular web page of the website.

Sample Web Page questionnaire:

Name of the representative:                 _____________________________

Phone Number:                   _____________________________

Email Id:                            _____________________________

Company name:                 _____________________________

Q1:  Please provide a brief introduction of the company


Q2. Please give some details about the content to be displayed in the home page


Q3. Please attach a few images and videos below for display on the website

______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

Q4. Give the list of names of the top management of the firm




Q5. Tick the right option that you want to display in the footer of every webpage of the website.

a)   Contact information

b)   Business Partner details

c)   Privacy Statement link

d)   Copyright details

e)   Others __________________________________________

Q6. Do you want to have space for advertisements on the website?

a)   Yes

b)   No

Q7. If yes, how much space to be provided?


Q8. Which position in the web page is to be left for advertisements?

a)   Lower left corner

b)   Lower right corner

c)   Below the web pages

d)   Right side frame

e)   Other _________________________________

Q9. Provide the logo and tagline of the website

Logo: ____________________________________________

Tagline: __________________________________________

Q10. What is the position of display of the logo and tagline in the web pages?

a)   Upper right corner

b)   Upper left corner

c)   Top middle

d)   Other __________________________________